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Paul was born 1st January 1969 in his grandparents house in Portchester, Hampshire, England.

When he was a week old he returned with his mother Valerie to his parents home in Addlestone, Surrey where he lived until he was 4 years old when the family moved to Pirbright, Surrey.

In 1976 the family emigrated to New Zealand and settled in Sumner, Christchurch where Paul went to primary school.

After primary school he went to St Bede's College until he finished schooling. He excelled at rugby and was team captain for periods. During these years he participated in karting until he was 16.

At 16 he left school and took a job with Repco in the parts department. Over the next few years he worked in the automotive trade in various capacities and sidecar racing took over from karting.

In 1990 Paul wanted to be his own boss, so in conjunction with his father, Tony, he entered into service station/workshop ownership and the sidecar racing progressed to a Holden racing car for the newly formed Holden racing class.

In 1995 Paul decided it was time to see the world, so his house and the service station was sold and he headed for South Africa to see the Rugby World Cup but stayed in the Africian continent for the next 8 years. After touring for a few months around the continent he saw opportunities opening up, in Zambia, in the tourist industry especially around the Victoria Falls area. He established a backpackers called Jollyboys  (  shows it at present under the same owners who bought it from Paul)  in Livingston and eventually ran safaris for the backpackers.

He sold up in 2001 and returned to New Zealand with his bride to be Samatha (Sam). They were married at Peraki Bay on Banks Penninsula on 14th February 2003. It was a beautiful setting for the wedding but , unfortunately, the weather turned bad about an hour before the wedding.

They lived at Tony & Val's beach house at Birdlings Flat which they then bought.

Paul and Tony when into business together again for the second time, still using Tony's original company, AVEC Wholesalers Ltd. They traded as PTWNZ dealing in highly specialised automotive tools .  PTWNZ was sold after a couple of years and attention was turned to the manufacture of bio-diesel from waste vegetable oil. After some experimentation with a small plant, the plunge was taken and a much larger plant was built. This proved so successful that Tony and Paul were bought out by Solid Energy, a NZ Government S.O.E. A new company was set up called Biodiesel New Zealand  was set with Paul as General Manager and owning a minority share in the new company with Solid Energy.

In 2005 Paul and Sam had a son , Jack,  and then in December 2008 had another son named Ryan.

In May 2008 Paul and family bought a 10 acre property a couple of kilometers outside of Christchurch  so Paul can play at farming in his spare time.

December 2008 left Solid Energy and sold shares back to them.

August 2009 bought a water taxi business Arrow Water Taxis in Picton and moved to there with his family. Rented the 10 acre property as well as a house he had in Governors Bay and bought a house in Waikawa Bay, Picton.

Water taxis business had 2 boats which were quickly brought up to latest specs and new engines fitted.

Third boat for cargo use added to fleet in 2010.

Began producing bio-diesel again in 2012 to power his own boats