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This was supposed to be a 2 year project but turned out to be  nearer ten years to completion. Was built to exact same design and measurements as the original car. All parts not made by Lamborghini were sourced from the same source, e.g. the instruments used in the Countach are Stewart Warner so the same ones were used. All the work was done by Tony except the fiberglass preparation and painting and the upholstery. It produces 500HP at the flywheel (475 HP at rear wheels) and just reaches 200 MPH (320 KPH). Has now been sold . For further info go to:-



         In all it's glory.outside Tony's house                    The green tint is from the windscreen, the interior is grey 


          Is very comfortable once inside                      Rear Tyres are 14 inch wide


Design still looks good after 27 years