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The Lewis family were based around the Portsmouth and Swindon areas for the past 200 years.

Valerie's father was born in Portsmouth. During the 1939/45 war he was in the RAF , working on aircraft with wooden propellors. He was on one of the last ships to escape from Singapore. After WW2 he became a civil engineer with the Southern Electricity Corporation.

His father was Sidney Albert Lewis, a boilermaker who was born in Swindon in 1879.

Sidney's father was Job Lewis, a boilermaker born in Rodborne Cheny, Wiltshire (near Swindon) and his mother was Emily.

Job Lewis' father was born about 1820 but died  before 1861 as his mother Marthia is shown as head of the house in the 1861 census.

See family tree  Lewis Family Tree.pdf


Valerie's mother Freda Hinks was born in Oxford in 1914 and had three brothers and one sister.

Her father Alfred George Hinks was born in 1880 in Portsmouth and was a bricklayer and her mother Blanche Mare was born in 1876 in Aylesbury, Hampshire.

Alfred,s father was Joseph George Hinks, also a bricklayer and was born in Portsmouth in 1878 and he married Louisa Jenkins in 1878.

Joseph's father was James Hinks, bricklayer who was born in 1822 in Fareham. He married Caroline Brown in 1844. James had four sister and six brothers.

James,s father was also James Hinks born in 1799 in Fareham and married was to Sarah Scott, (born 1800) in Fareham in 1820.

James's father was again James Hinks born about 1770 and was married to Catherine

See family tree Hinks Family Tree.pdf