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Tony’s main interests, outside work, are motor sport and hunting although active participation has now ceased and his main interest is concentrated on computer work.

Visits to the casino are not unknown. He is dragged there by his wife, Val??


Going Fishing.jpg (112368 bytes)

Launching at Birdlings Flat to go Fishing



Tony’s hunting began when he was about 9 years old, when he first fired a shotgun at a rabbit until he was 66 when he ceased hunting deer and wild pig.

He first went hunting with his father, Bernard, in Ireland then with his uncle, Jack Quinn. This was for grouse, hares, rabbits, ducks and foxes.

When he came to New Zealand the horizons expanded and now it was deer and wild pig. Now the hunting was done with a .270 rifle instead of a shotgun and the distances traveled were much greater. He joined the New Zealand Deerstalkers Association shortly after arriving in New Zealand in 1976, there making friends who have been retained to the present day. These trips were always by four-wheel drive, which were thoroughly enjoyed. In 1980 Tony bought his own four-wheel drive and the trips became even more enjoyable. This continued up until a last couple of years when the trips were made by helicopter. A helicopter dropped the party of four up on a suitable mountain ridge and came back a few days later and did the pick up. This was a lot easier method rather than having to backpack a deer carcass for a day.

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Tony’s interest in cars also began at an early age, (maybe the fact that his father was very much so and had raced motorcycles in his earlier years had something to do with it). He learned to drive his uncle’s tractor when he was 9 years old and has been driving ever since. He got his drivers’ licence at 15 (the legal age was 16 but that is another story) and during his late teenage years worked in a garage on racecars, getting the occasional drive during testing. When he could afford it, in 1962 he bought a new E-Type Jaguar, prepared it for racing and spent the next five summers (when home from Antarctica) enjoying himself on various racetracks. The E-type was traded against another new one in 1965 (an improved model). During this period a single seater Formula Ford was bought and both were raced at the same meetings. This was replaced with a Formula 3 car for the last year.

He is still a keen follower of motor sport both at local and international level, especially F.1. Keeps up to date every day from website.

Formula Ford (1963).jpg (52282 bytes)           The first E-Type (1962).jpg (98108 bytes)

Motor racing in the early days ??