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Kista Dan Ice Bound                                          Base Hut Going Up

Kista Dan Icebound.jpg (62884 bytes)                                                    Bas Hut going up.jpg (44516 bytes)

Tony's Helping Hand                                      Progressing rapidly

With a Helping Hand.jpg (46127 bytes)                                                    A Bit Further.jpg (30807 bytes)  

The Finished Product                                                   Winter Approaching                          

 Untitled-2.jpg (45024 bytes)                                                 Winter approaching.jpg (37865 bytes)


Getting ready to Leave.JPG (1086746 bytes)                                                     Dogs not quite under control.JPG (584635 bytes)

Camped in the middle of Nowhere.JPG (704042 bytes)                                                     Another camp Site.JPG (634795 bytes)


And Another.JPG (837499 bytes)                                                    Looking down on a large Glacier.JPG (800858 bytes)


Loading up the Muskeg.JPG (358665 bytes)


Getting ready for an early morning flight.JPG (925622 bytes)                                                    Still digging out.JPG (953395 bytes)


About to take off.JPG (746342 bytes)                                                     Supplying Fossil Bluff.JPG (375284 bytes)

Gone through the seaice.JPG (649702 bytes)                                                      Recovering as much as possible.JPG (397248 bytes)

Me getting the radio gear out.JPG (568199 bytes)                                                      The skeleton.JPG (609287 bytes)


Me having a restful moment.JPG (767878 bytes)                                                      Toboganning.JPG (512628 bytes)


And More.JPG (147959 bytes)                                                        And more sealing for the dogs.JPG (767539 bytes)


Dogs bringing their dinner back.JPG (430031 bytes)                                                  And us with the steaks and liver.JPG (257405 bytes)


One of the Pups.JPG (674616 bytes)                                                       'Captain' Quinn.JPG (621442 bytes)

The Team.jpg (49246 bytes)