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This page traces ancestory of the N. Z. Quinns of their grandmother\great grandmother on the paternal side




SHOPKEEPERS, married UNKNOWN SPOUSES, born ?, died ?. UNKNOWN died ?.

The early Becks were probably Saxons from the north part of Germany/Poland. Atherstone is a very ancient town on the old Roman road in present day Warwickshire. "Long Street" formed part of the old Roman road "Watling Street" survives until today. Atherstone is mentioned as "Aderstone" in the old Doomsday Book. The Becks were saddle and harness makers and tax collectors in this town for generations. In the Warwickshire Directory of 1916 a Charles Beck is mentioned. The Rock Becks thought to come from this family. (Opinion 94).





Second Generation

2. WILLIAM BECK born 17??, ATHERSTONE, Occupation: SHOPKEEPER, married ELIZABETH KING, born 17??, died 18??. WILLIAM died 18??. Not a lot known of the Becks except that they would appear to have been well to do shopkeepers saddle and harness makers in Atherstone living in Long Street. The fact that his son Thomas was able to read and write quite well in 1823 suggests his family were educated. The question of religion as usual will be asked. It would be a personal opinion that it is probable the Becks were non-Catholics. However it should not be forgotten that there were and still remain pockets of Pre-Reformation English Catholics in England.

In a letter to me Aug. 93 the local St Marys Church secretary in Atherstone whose family had been in Atherstone some 200 years comments on the Becks of Atherstone. He reckons that the family related to the Beck that came to Ireland was that of a Charles Beck. These Becks were saddle and harness makers and tax collectors in the town. He lists several names and professions. One very interesting point he mentions for absolutely no apparent reason was that a Charles Beck had asthma and had to give up work. The Quinn chest problem?.




i WILLIAM BECK born 1791, ATHERSTONE, died ?. William is said to have died young.



ii JOHN BECK born 1793, ATHERSTONE WARKS ENGLAND, Occupation: PROFESSIONAL SOLDIER, died ?. In the old army records that I possess all suggests that this John was the cousin or possibly the brother of Thomas Beck. Also came from the Warwickshire Militia. He joined at Bristol 4.4.1814 some two days before the enlistment of Thomas. He was aged 20. He later enlisted for life at Armagh 5.10.1820. Both came from Atherstone. I have no doubt they were blood relations who decided to go and "join the army" together. The regiment he joined was the 43rd Light Infantry. I think that this John was Thomas Becks brother (Opinion April 1995).


Third Generation

3. CORPORAL THOMAS BECK 43RD.REG.LIGHT INF. born 1798, ATHERSTONE WARKS ENGLAND, Occupation: PROFESSIONAL SOLDIER., married CIRCA 1819, in POSSIBLY CASTLEDAWSON/MAGHERAFELT, SALLY LOUDEN, born in the MAGHERAFELT/CASTLEDAWSON AREA CO. DERRY, died ?. Thomas died END OF 1823, LOST AT SEA OFF GIBRALTAR. Thomas Beck was a soldier in the 43rd Regmt. Light Infantry. He joined this Regmt. at Bristol 6.4.1814 aged 16 years after firstly having been in the Warkwichshire Militia. He signed on for seven years and in Dublin on 24.11.1820 enlisted for life. John Beck his brother enlisted Bristol 4.4.1814 for seven years and then enlisted for life at Armagh 8.10.1820.Thomas married a Sally Louden circa 1819 and their son John married Margaret Quinn of the Rock and hence the Rock family business became "the Becks of the Rock".

SALLY: Nothing known of Sally Louden except that she was probably local girl at Castledawson/Magherafelt area and married Thomas when he was garrisoned there. From the dates that I have on Thomas Beck it will be seen that when Thomas died his only son John would have been 2 or 3 years old. In late 1823 Thomas was lost at sea. The name Louden is still in the area and some known to be Catholic. Perhaps it was when Thomas Beck was lost at sea that Sally took John to perhaps work at Drum Manor near Cookstown.(Deduction Dec 1994).


Fourth Generation



In the Dungannon and District almanac for 1902 there is an advert for John Beck General Grocer and Wine and Spirit Merchant The Rock. Postal address Tullyhogue. However John died in 1900 but business must have been operated by his wife Margaret (Nee Quinn)and continued by their married daughter Margaret McLernon (Nee Margaret Beck).The Almanac shows also an M.Beck as publican grocer and farmer. Was this "M.Beck" Margaret Johns wife?. It would appear that John was raised at Drum Manor near Cookstown and married into the Rock business.

MARGARET: Paddy Falls research states that this Margaret Quinn (Augusta Becks mother) is a cousin of a Susan Quinn (1836-1924) married to a Joseph Falls (1830-1924) this suggests that perhaps the Rock place was owned by a family of Quinns and when Margaret Quinn married John Beck they took over the place and the name Beck was established at the Rock.(My opinion Nov. 1994).One wonders which Quinn family this was and also how or what were the circumstances of John Beck (the son of Sally Louden) when he married Margaret?.(Key question 11/94)





i ELLEN BECK ("MADELENE ROCK" WRITER) born 1858, THE ROCK CO TYRONE., Occupation: WRITER/TEACHER, DID NOT MARRY. ELLEN died 29.8.1924, THE ROCK CO TYRONE, buried AUGUST 1924, TULLYODONNELL (ROCK) CO TYRONE.. Ellen Beck contributed numerous poems to the Irish Monthly/The Nation under the pseudonym "Magdalen Rock". There are also pieces of hers in

Orby Shipleys "Carmina Mariana". She was also a primary teacher at the local primary school at The Rock. Ellen did not marry. She had an abundant literary talent. In the Dungannon and District Almanac for 1903 it states that Miss Beck teacher at Rock National school. She wrote a short story called "Joe" about Joseph Falls 1875-1910.It mentions his father Joe circa 1839-1903.Refers Rock churchyard.


ii SARAH BECK born ?, THE ROCK CO TYRONE,DID NOT MARRY.. SARAH died 23.2.1929, PORTRUSH CO. ANTRIM, buried FEBRUARY 1929, TULLYODONNELL (ROCK) CO TYRONE). Sarah did not marry and lived the last years of her life at Portrush.


iii THOMAS BECK born 1861. 5. THOMAS BECK born 1861, THE ROCK CO.TYRONE, Occupation: GROCER/PUBLICAN, married CATHERINE (KATE) MCALEER, born 1857, died 31.1.1935, buried JAN 1935, TULLYODONNELL(ROCK) CO TYRONE. THOMAS died 16.8.1933, THE ROCK CO.TYRONE, buried AUGUST 1933, TULLYODONNELL (ROCK) CO TYRONE.. Thomas is shown in the Dungannon Almanac of 1903 as being a publican at The Rock. The only child of this marriage Margaret married a Peter McLernon and thus the Beck named ceased at the Rock changing to McLernon. Thomas obviously took over the business from his father John and continued it perhaps in partnership with his mother. Thomas was Hon. Secretary of The Rock Co-Operative Agricultural and Dairy Society in 1902.One wonders if Thomas was named after his grandfather Thomas Beck of Atherstone Warks. England.


    iv MAGGIE BECK born ?, THE ROCK CO TYRONE, married MARRIED JOHN DORIS (COOKSTOWN), Occupation: PUBLICAN/AUCTIONEER. MAGGIE died 1943, COOKSTOWN CO.TYRONE. Maggie Beck who married John Doris had a son Malachy who was a solicitor in Cookstown. Paddy Falls obtained a photocopy from him of the letter written from Gibraltar 1823 by Sergant Thomas Beck of Atherstone. In a letter to Paddy Falls dated 26th Sept 1989 he states that he has the letter some 161 years old and "not in bad shape". Paddy subsequently gave me a copy of this (See Quinn file). Malachy Doris was very friendly with the Quinns of Beaghmore. Paddy Falls researches (1994) the Becks and Falls primarily. Paddys mother is Tess Higgins.


    v REV. JOHN BECK P.P. CARLINGFORD born 1875, THE ROCK COOKSTOWN CO.TYRONE., Occupation: CLERGYMAN, BURIED CARLINGFORD CO.LOUTH. REV. died 30.6.1950, CARLINGFORD CO LOUTH, buried JULY 1950, CARLINGFORD CHAPEL GRAVEYARD CO LOUTH.. John was said to be a very "serious" type of man not given to be great "crack" Carlingford seemed to be a place where many of the Quinn extended family clergymen ended up. It would appear to have been one of the better parishes to be appointed to. See Quinn files. He worked for a considerable time in Dungannon Co. Tyrone. Took his morals very seriously and if transporting a lady passenger she had to sit in the back seat!. How times have changed.


    vi AUGUSTA BECK born 1868, THE ROCK CO TYRONE, married FRANK FALLS.(FARMER CURLONAN), born 1870, Occupation: FARMER CURLONAN CO.TYRNE., died 1941, CURLONAN CO TYRONE.. AUGUSTA died 1938. Frank and Augusta Beck married and had a large family with only one male Peter Falls who married a Tess Higgins (alive Nov 1994 and a relation of the writer Aemar Higgins).One of their sons Paddy Falls gave me a lot of vital information on the Falls and Becks enabling me to construct this tree. Tess living at Curlonan the home farm. Franks father Joseph Falls was 1909. The 1902 Almanac shows a Francis Falls farming at Drumballyhue, a Charles Quinn farmer at Drumilliard and a John Quinn R.D.O. Moneygara. Relations?. Perhaps.


  1. ANNIE BECK born ?, THE ROCK CO.TYRONE, Occupation: TEACHER, married PATRICK KELLY., born ?, Occupation: TEACHER, died 24.7.1967, CLONTARF DUBLIN. ANNIE died 8.6.1959, CLONTARF DUBLIN. Archbishop Beck of Liverpool always visited Annie when in Ireland and consequently he was dubbed "Aunt Annies Bishop". I'm sure the intimation in this statement varied perhaps between jealousy and pride!!. Annie Beck and Pat Kelly were teachers in Pomeroy. One of their daughters was a Mother Thaddeus Kelly who was head of the Junior School at Omagh Convent when my wife Maureen attended there in the middle 1950's. This for a boarding schoolgirl at Omagh had advantages. More nepotism



    i GERARD ALOYSIUS KELLY born 6.11.1916, died ?.

    ii ANNIE CATHERINE AND MONICA KELLY (TWINS) born 6.12.1912, Occupation: NURSE, MONICA DIED YOUNG. ANNIE died 21.6.1982, DUBLIN. Sponsors for baptism of Annie were Thomas and Catherine Beck. For Monica it was Father J. Macken and Mrs Mary Doris. Father Macken baptised both twins. Annie did not marry. Was a nurse who was matron at St Vincents Hospital, then at Richmond Hospital.


    10.iii MARY KELLY born ?.


    iv MARGERY BRIGID KELLY (MOTHER THADDEUS) born 24.6.1910, COOKSTOWN, Occupation: NUN, married BURIED LORETO ABBEY RATHFARNHAM DUBLIN. MARGERY died 1.12.1980, ELM PARK HOSPITAL BALBRIGGAN DUBLIN, buried DEC., LORETO ABBEY RATHFARHNUM CEMETERY. Was sister in the Loretta Order and was in charge of the junior school at the Loretta Convent in Omagh Co. Tyrone. Entered religious order 2.2.1945.Received 2.8.1952.1st vows 6.8.1947.Final vows 6.8.1952.Said to be an excellent teacher whose ideas used in example role models. Taught in Coleraine primary schools then Omagh Convent as Head of Junior school. Was 2 years teaching in Gibraltar then back to Loreto Convent Balbriggan for her final tour of duty and died there in 1980.Two spells at Coleriane. She was greatly respected and admired.


    v TERESA KELLY born ?, DID NOT MARRY. TERESA died 17.11.1973, DUBLIN. Teresa did not marry and lived with her parents in Dublin.


  3. PATRICK TERENCE BECK born ?, THE ROCK CO TYRONE, Occupation: JOURNALIST, married in PROBABLY LONDON, LOUISA O'KEEFE (EDINBURGH), born ?, EDINBURGH SCOTLAND, died ?. PATRICK died ?, ENGLAND. This man was a journalist who went to England and married a Louisa O'Keefe. The O'Keefes were a very well to do family from Edinburgh Scotland. Patrick as a journalist edited a journal called "Gas World" in London after he married Louisa.
  4. LOUISA:
  5. Louisa from a very well to do Scots family from Edinburgh. Apparently when she married she had some problems with her family dowry but it was sorted out.



    i REV.JOHN BECK C.C. (JACK) LONDON born 20.1.1903, CLAPHAM PARK PARISH LONDON, Occupation: CLERGYMAN, died 2.8.1932, PURLEY NEAR LONDON, buried LONDON. Details: Went to seminary 1917.(Probably St Johns of Wonersh Guildford Surrey) Received tonsure 20.12.1924. Minor orders 12.7.1925 and 29.5.1926.Ordained sub deacon 11.6.1927 deacon 12.6.1927 and ordained priest 24.3.1928.He remained in seminary until 25.5.1928 when appointed Asst. priest at parish of Saint Augustines Tunbridge Wells Kent. In Oct. 1928 he was sent to St Edmunds College Cambridge for further studies. Returned to diocese Sept. 1931 and appointed to staff of John Fisher school Purley. He remained until he died 21.8.1932.


    ii ARCHBISHOP GEORGE BECK (LIVERPOOL) born 28.5.1910, STREATHAM LONDON, Occupation: CLERGYMAN, married BURIED CRYPT LIVERPOOL R.C.CATHEDRAL.. ARCHBISHOP died 13.9.1978, LIVERPOOL, burled SEPT 1978, CRYPT OF LIVERPOOL CATHEDRAL. George did a lot for the Catholic education in England especially in the 1942 Education Act. A brilliant scholar. He was named co-adjutor to the Bishop of Brentwood 21.9.1948 and appointed Bishop there 23.1.1951.Was transferred to Liverpool 29.1.1964 as Archbishop. Died there 13.9.1978 after retiring there 11.2.1976.It's said after Cardinal Godfrey retired in 1963 George was tipped follow him as English cardinal but his health was poor at the time and he was passed over. When he visited Ireland he stayed with his aunt Annie Beck (Kelly)


    iii SISTER MARY BECK (LONDON) born ?, LONDON, Occupation: RELIGIOUS SISTER, died ALIVE FEB 1995. I spoke to Sister Mary 11.11.1994 at her convent in London. She gave me quite a lot of Beck information on her brothers and sisters. She recalls as a child her visiting the Rock and seeing the local children being given tea and scones after Mass by her grandfather before they "trudged home". She states her brother when Archbishop of Liverpool did family research and states that the Becks were Polish origin and one of them in the Polish army was given three farms at The Rock as payment for his help.(This is not correct).


    iv NORA BECK born ?, LONDON, Occupation: TEACHER, married DID NOT MARRY.. NORA was alive FEB.1995 (LONDON). Sister Mary beck advises me that Nora lives in Croydon but at the moment she is not in great health and going into home (Nov 1994). She had been head of a Teacher training college in London. Nora had been in the W.R.E.N.S. during the Second World War. She never married and after a failed romance she said she would not marry. Both she and her sister Prances worked for the United Nations at a time. Jack Quinn Beaghmore (Nov 1994) recalls Nora and her sister visiting Beaghmore. Nora was quiet and Frances was more outgoing and did cartwheels!.

    v FRANCES BECK born ?, LONDON, Occupation: TEACHER/NURSE, DID NOT MARRY. FRANCES was ALIVE LONDON (FEB 1995). Sister Mary Beck (Nov 1994) states that Frances lives London and Frances and Nora have just recently been to the States on holiday.(Nov 1994).Frances had also trained as a teacher but then got involved in work for the U.N. She did not marry. Sister Mary Beck (Frances sister) also told me Archbishop George Beck her brother had sent her other brother Rev. John Beck to Cambridge to be educated to a standard that would enable him to be his successor. He died at 29 with cancer. Frances taught nurses to degrees standard until retirement.

  6. MARY PATRICIA BECK (THE ROCK) CO TYRONE born 1881, THE ROCK CO.TYRONE, (Grandmother of Tony Quinn)
  7. Occupation: TEACHER/FARMERS WIFE, married 21.7.1909, in TULLYODONNELL CHURCH.CO TYRONE, JOSEPH (JOE BARNEY) QUINN BEAGHMORE, born 1876, BEAGHMORE CO.TYRONE, Occupation: CIVIL SERVANT/FARMER, died 20.1.1965, BEAGHMORE CO. TYRONE, buried DUNAMORE GRAVEYARD.CO TYRONE. MARY died 8.9.1941, PORTADOWN CO. ARMAGH, buried DUNAMORE CO. TYRONE. It is from this marriage that the Beaghmore Quinn's stem. Please refer main Quinn files for their descendents. JOSEPH; See main Quinn files for descendents of Joseph and Mary Beck. This is where the Anglo-Saxon Beck blood line was introduced into the old Irish lineage of the Quinns O'Neills and McPhelims. This was a key marriage in the family history.




    Sixth Generation

  8. MARGARET BECK born ?, THE ROCK CO TYRONE, married 9.9.1924, PETER MCLERNON, born ?, Occupation: BUSINESMAN, died 22.10.1964, THE ROCK CO TYRONE, buried OCT 1964, TULLYODONNELL (ROCK) CO TYRONE. MARGARET died 13.5.1968, THE ROCK CO TYRONE, buried MAY 1968, TULLYODONNELL (ROCK) CO TYRONE.
  9. PETER: Witnesses at the marriage of Pete McLernon and Margaret Beck was Patrick McLernon and Brigid McAleer. Father John Beck married them. The McLernons were a family who originated in Donaghmore. They were farmers there.



i MONA MCLERNON born 19.11.1926, THE ROCK CO TYRONE, MONA DID NOT MARRY. I met Mona and her sister Eileen in their shop at The Rock May 1995. Mona bears a striking resemblance to photos I have seen of Bishop George Beck of Liverpool.


11. ii DERMOT MCLERNON born ?.


iv EILEEN MCLERNON born 18.9.1934, THE ROCK CO TYRONE, married EDWARD DIAMOND, born ?. Eileen and Edward have no family. v EUGENE MCLERNON born 29.7.1940, THE ROCK CO TYRONE, married MARGARET O'GORMAN, born ?. Eugene is married and lives in Dublin (April 1995).

10. MARY KELLY born ?, married JOSEPH FOX, born ?, died ?. MARY died 1990.


12. i PATRICK FOX born ?.

13. ii KEVIN FOX born ?.

Seventh Generation




12. PATRICK FOX born ?, Occupation: BANKER BANK OF IRELAND, married THERESA GLEESON, born ?.


i PATRICK FOX born ?, DUBLIN, Occupation: SOLICITOR.


13. KEVIN FOX born ?, married JOAN HOLLYWOOD, born ?.


i LOUISE FOX born ?. ii NICHOLAS FOX born ?, Occupation: STUDENT U.C.D..