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This page covers some of Tony's "Antarctica Period" i.e. from October 1959 till May 1966. The diary covers part of the 1961/1962 year as it was only begun when the base hut was habitable. The colour slides, unfortunately,  have lost some of their definition and colour having been stored for 40 years.

Stonington Diary is the base diary from when  the new base was completed until the John Biscoe arrived to take the team home. It was written by whoever was on cook duties each week so everyone could have their say. Some said more than others. ?

Tony has not  stated who each week's author is but if anyone, who was there, reads this they will know, as does Tony. It gives an idea of what life was like on an Antarctica base during that era.


The links below  gives another account of a similar trips 1962 to 1965 by others. Tony was Radio Officer on the John Biscoe for the trip down and back.